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Thoughts post parade

Desert Storm Memorial National Desert Storm War Memorial NDSWM War Memorial

Phenomenal, exciting, awe inspiring and exceptional don't seem like strong enough words to describe what Memorial Day weekend spent with our fellow Desert Storm Veterans was like. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, CEO Scott Stump, VP Bob Adams and the volunteers of National Desert Storm War Memorial - THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU for the incredible experience and motivation that you gave us and providing us the glimpse that we are working on a very noble and just project to honor YOU! The Veterans of Operation Desert Shield & Desert Storm.

We are excited to have introduced and launched a handful of new items like the 5" Decal, Rubber bracelets, ball cap hat and a couple new posters. While these items are very nice on their own we are very aware that EVERYONE wants to purchase the new t-shits - the 25th Anniversary shirt and the blue "Never Shall A Land Forget" flag shirt. Both are in high demand and we are working with our awesome partner to get our stock replenished to meet expected demand. With that we ask for a little patience as we work with them to  make a stable supply and meet your orders in a timely manner.

Finally, we want to once again recognize Jill Etter for her above and beyond efforts to put together the incredible experience of the Memorial Day Parade for ALL of us - participants and NDSWM Board and volunteers combined. Jill - THANK YOU!

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