National Desert Storm War Memorial Association
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About us

The National Desert Storm War Memorial Association is raising awareness and funds to build a national memorial in Washington, D.C. to remember the historic military action to liberate the people of Kuwait in 1991. 

The effort to build the memorial was approved by the United States Congress in November 2014 and signed by President Obama in December 2014 providing the Association the legal authority to move forward. January 2016 we received permission from the National Park Service for Area I designation to build on or near the National Mall in Washington, D.C. which marked a major milestone in the effort towards the goal to have the memorial built for the 30th Anniversary in 2021.

We are just beginning with the merchandising effort. Stay tuned - we have some great stuff coming to show your support of the National Desert Storm War Memorial and financially support the effort. 

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The National Desert Storm War Memorial Association is a Desert Storm Veteran led and staffed group of volunteers from across the United States and represent all branches of the military plus other folks interested in the goal of building a National Memorial. 

CEO: Scott Stump, USMC

Secretary: Bill Carragon, USA - NG

VP/Fundraising Chair: Bob Adams, USN

Fundraising Vice Chair: Michael Young, USMC

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