National Desert Storm War Memorial Association
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25th Anniversary Commemorative Poster [Limited Edition]

$ 15.00

This beautiful poster - designed especially for the Desert Storm 25th Anniversary Memorial Day Parade Event in Washington D.C. has a very limited availability. 

Bordered by the flags of the Coalition nations, this poster harkens to recall the Desert Storm Victory Parade of June 8th, 1991 and the pride of our nation. This time it is the pride of 25th Anniversary and the Desert Storm Veterans that marched down Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C. to represent the 600,000+ that served and to remember those that were lost. 

Commissioned by NDSWM CEO/President Scott C. Stump, this poster will be a great addition to your home or at your VSO post. 

Price:  $15.00 

Shipping is included.  All proceeds will help to fund the National Desert Storm War Memorial.  Thank you!